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This is my own personal web site dedicated to the city of Detroit and its great local music scene.  I have been fortunate enough to see all sorts of great bands in Detroit starting back in the late 1970s at places like Bookie's and the Red Carpet and still going strong today with the Lager House and the Magic Stick.  There's a common thread in the music running from the Ramrods and the Mutants all the way to the Space Heaters and Human Eye.  That thread represents the heart and spirit of Detroit music and it can be found all over this great city! 

All of the reviews, write-ups and other info is solely my responsibility..... so feel free to email me back with your comments, suggestions and other abuse.

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Updated (9/01/2015):

Do yourself a favor and check out the Devious Ones - great old school punk from Detroit.  Their first single "I'm Allergic to You" on East Grand Record is Co. is fantastic!

Updated (8/16/2015):

As anybody can see – I have not been updating this website much.  It’s not that I don’t care about rock & roll anymore or that there is nothing going on in Detroit anymore.  It was more of a combination of laziness on my part as well as the inevitable march of technology and social media. 

If you want to know about upcoming shows – you look at Facebook; if you’re interested in seeing what the RUR record from 1978 looks like – you go to Discogs.  Music downloads can be found on Bandcamp and all sorts of info and photos will come through Twitter and Instagram and a whole bunch of other services.  My book reviews now go directly to Goodreads and I happily add records to Discogs if they are not listed. I am involved in a lot of these and have therefore stopped posting on my website.  However, a funny thing has happened – people now come up to me and ask me why my site has been so quiet.  It does seem that there is still room in our new social media world for an old-fashioned website.  So, in the spirit of Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers – I will “reboot” the site and get back to work. 

Hopefully, this “reboot” will last longer than Mr. Dombrowski’s tenure with the Tigers and this website will become useful again.  Basically, I won’t try to copy the existing resources we already have about records and shows, but instead I will try to do what I originally wanted to do when I started this site – and that is to pay homage to those Detroit bands and that continually get ignored.  I’m talking mostly about the late 70s and 80s scenes that revolved around Bookies, Lili’s, Paycheck’s and other places.  Most other scenes around the country have gotten their share of credit but Detroit seems to always get passed over.

So, in the upcoming weeks and months I will try to fill in the blanks and keep talking about the great rock & roll that we’re privileged to hear in Detroit!


Updated (10/20/2014) - There will be a tribute for Tim (Pop) Hervey on Saturday, October 26th at Small's.  Tim tragically passed away last week - he was a great guy who played in a number of bands including the Bomb Pops.  He was also a champion for Detroit music who was always willing to talk and share his vast knowledge of rock & roll.  A couple of months ago I went to see the Bomb Pops play at the Token Lounge.  After the show we talked for a bit and he was excited about some upcoming shows including a planned Bomb Pops show at Small's.  The show never happened because Tim had fallen seriously ill.  I never saw Tim again and I speak for a lot of people who will miss Tim immensely.  My condolences to Tim's wife Beth as well as his many friends and family.  He will be truly missed.

Updated (02/18/2012) I finished reading Brett Callwood's book on the Stooges - you really need to buy it now - here's why.

Updated (12/272011) It's time to believe in rock & roll and the Meltdowns new album "Critical Mass" is the reason why - see why you must buy this now!

Updated (7/2/2011) Black Flag was one of the most important bands ever and they finally written in a fine new book by Stevie Chick.  Of course, I have a few things to say after reading this.

Updated (2/2/2011) - It's February in Detroit, so what better time to read and appreciate Brett Callwood's definitive MC5 book - Sonically Speaking.  Here's what I had to say following 230 pages of rock & roll bliss.

Updated (12/17/2010) - I finished reading Tony Rettman's "Why Be Something that You're Not" takes us back to the early 1980s when hardcore ruled and here's my take on a great Detroit rock & roll book .

Updated (11/4/2010): Have received my Leisure Class CD (20 rocking  tunes from the band that started back in Detroit back in 1977).  Ordering info can be found on the Leisure Class website.

Updated: (10/22/2010- Thanks to Jack Waldron - the history and info of Detroit's own Dogs can be found here:  Future Now Records.  The Dogs were before my time but they have been playing since the 1970s and are still around.  Check out Jack's sites to get the full story on the legendary Dogs.

Updated: (7/11/2010) A couple of must-see reunion shows:  Coldcock @ Paycheck's on Saturday, July 17th and  the Seatbelts on Saturday, August 14th @ Small's. 

Updated: (4/7/2010) The Bootsey X benefit show will take place on Saturday, April 10th @ the Painted Lady.  Be there!!!!  More info can be found on the Space Heaters Show page.

Updated: (2/7/2010); Info on the Hysteric Narcotics new CD can be found here.  

Updated (1/11/2010):  Detroit is Rock City again... in the next few weeks we will be treated to following:

Updated (11/3/2009 - Some great shows coming up - Paybacks/Ponys @ the Stick on November 13th; Fondas/Reigning Sound @ the Magic Stick on November 16th - the Detroit Rock & Roll site has a new home.

Updated (10/13/2009) - The late 1970's were a great time to be music fan in the Motor City and new compilation from Bruterian gives us a glimpse of what it all sounded like.  Here is my take on "We Went and Recorded It Anyway".

Updated (08/02/2009) - It's been two long years since the Paybacks have played together, but the long wait finally ended last night at the Magic Bag.  It couldn't have gone any better - from the opening chords of "Just You Wait" (or was it "Scotch Love" - I was too excited to take notes) to the last final encore of "Vegas" with the entire Paybacks alumni (other than Mike, who has out of town) - the Paybacks just brought rock & roll back into the Motor City.  Just hearing this one set made me realize how much we have missed the Paybacks over the last couple of years.  Hopefully, this will lead to more Paybacks shows in the future because I just don't think that I can wait two more years !!!


Updated (02/13/2009) One of my favorite bands from the great old Gold Dollar days have just released their first single.  Yes, the awesome Buzzards, who till now only had a couple of songs included on compilations are out with a new single on Ziti Records (The Shiver/Desperate Baby/Beg, Borrow & Steal).  The single comes with 4 different awesome covers and finally brings the Buzzards back from my memories right onto to my turntable.  More on the Buzzards, including details on ordering these records, can be found on the their MySpace page here.

Updated (01/13/2009) - if you only attend one show in 2009 - make sure that is the benefit for Jim Shaw that will be held at the Magic Stick on Saturday, February 7th.  Jim has been the heart & soul of Detroit music since those days at Bookie's.  He's battling cancer right now and his brothers are throwing this bash to help him and Sandy get through this tough ordeal.  Save your excuses for another time and join all of Jim & Sandy's many friends to get together for this one special evening. 

Updated (07/16/2007) One of the biggest shows of the summer will be the upcoming return of the Ramrods  at the Magic Stick on Thursday, August 16th at the Magic Stick.  Steve "Dr. Ching" King will join Dave Hannah, Danny Kroha, Bootsey X and Mark Norton in one of the most explosive bands to ever come out of Detroit.  Also look for an upcoming single on Cass Records with the Dr. Ching at the controls.  This will be 30 years to the day that Ramrods first burst on the Detroit music scene and help bring back rock & roll to the Motor City.

Updated (04/20/2007) Snaps Music has just released a CD/DVD package the highlights the musical history of Flirt.  More info can be found at the Snaps Music web site or the Flirt web site.

Updated (2/11/2007: The Space Heaters have just released their first CD: "Warming Up".  More info can be found on the Space Heaters page.

Updated (2/7/2007) - Ex-Detroiter Sue Rynski is having a limited edition photography portfolio entitled "End of the Night" published by Chez Higgins Editions in Paris, France (prefaced with an original text by Iggy Pop).  Her photographs of the late 1970s Detroit punk scene in "End of the Night" describe that dynamic period in Detroit music history.  For more info, please check the following sites: http://homepage.mac.com/suerynski or www.chezhiggins.com.

Updated (11/8/2006) - You can now see the Hysteric Narcotics performing "Monkey Bars" on YouTube (thank you Ratfink43 - whoever you are !!!) 

Updated (10/16/2006) Thanks to Terry Murphy - here are some pictures of the Fondas at the Little Steven show on October 12th at St. Andrew's Hall.

Updated (09/21/2006) Nothing was going to keep me away from a Negative Approach show and it was time to hit the road to Chicago to see this legendary band come together for the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Show.

Updated (09/04/2006) Here's a couple of shows to check out: Circus Boy featuring Skid Marx & Bootsey X will be at the Corktown Tavern on Friday, September 15th.  A bunch of bands from Down Under in Australia, including 72 Blues, Fire Underground & Late Nite Access will be playing the Old Miami on Thursday, September 15th. Some info on the the new Paybacks album, "Love, Not Reason" can be found here.

Updated: (3/29/2006) If you were lucky enough to be at the Painted Lady to see the Space Heaters / Earworms show last Saturday - than you know how awesome the evening went - if not. check out the Free Press story on the new Space Heaters single.

Updated (2/23/2006) OK - it's time to start updating this sucker again; the guestbook has been removed - too much Spam.  Thanks to the Frustrations, Space Heaters and the Meltdowns for an awesome night at the Lager House last weekend - it sure has made this dreary post-Super Bowl winter a lot more fun.  The Hamtramck Blowout is only a week away and it's time get ready for a double-dose of fun in Hamtramck - Paczki Day & the Blowout all in the same week! 

Updated (1/28/2006) This link will take you to a whole bunch of great pictures from the Detroit punk/hardcore scene in the early 1980s.



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